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The amount of hair you need depends on the size of your head and the desired style. The average
amount for a full head of extensions is 7-8 oz. It is always best to buy more hair than you think you
will need since you can always use extra pieces for touch ups. Additionally, you can reuse hair over
and over if you care for it properly. Individual pieces may be purchased to replace worn extensions,
or to vary the look, length or color.

The average wear time for extensions is approximately 2 to 2 1/2 months. The actual duration of your
extensions will depend on the way you care for them. Salon visits should be weekly or bi weekly
to insure extensions are properly shampooed, conditioned and dried. A salon visit should be made
to remove extensions to ensure there is no breakage or scalp damage.

Always purchase high-quality, 100% human hair. This hair cannot typically be found in your average
beauty supply. The Wright Salon offers the finest in Indian, European, and Malaysian hair varieties.
Each ounce of this 100% human hair has been carefully hand selected and is machine weft, with
minimal shedding and tangling. All hair is sold by the ounce and comes in natural brown. Once
purchased, hair may be colored to your desired color and/or treated to match your natural texture.
Call 310.854.NIKI (6454) or e-mail

All the hair offered by The Wright Salon comes curly and ranges from wavy to very curly. You can
just wet it and add product for the curly look, or straighten to desired style for a sleek look. The
hair is extremely versatile as required by celebrities and women all over the world.

We have competitive prices that are afforable.
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